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Nicole and I have an article about Prairie Sky Church published in the most recent United Church News. Here’s an excerpt . . .

“Jesus invited each, starting where each was, to begin a spiritual adventure in a hitherto-untried way of living.”
— Adventurous Religion by Harry Emerson Fosdick, 1926.

It was on our European backpacking honeymoon in 1996 that we began calling ourselves the “Grant Yonkman Adventure Team.” A call to ministry and a sense of adventure are two things we’ve always shared.

When we accepted a call from the Indiana-Kentucky Conference in February 2007 to plant a church in Fishers, Ind., a fast-growing suburb of Indianapolis, we understood it to be another chapter in the Adventure Team story. We drew on the spirit and energy of our adventurous UCC forebears who had the guts and the will to gather around the vision “that they may all be one” 50 years earlier.

Church planting is the process of starting a new church that will, in a relatively short period of time, become a self-sufficient, self-supporting, autonomous congregation. Ultimately, our efforts did not produce a church, but our experience has taught us a lot about what it takes to plant a church and reach young people. . . . Read more . . .

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