Maine Seacoast Missions Mission House

Maine Seacoast Mission's "Mission House"

Today the Adventure Team visited the Maine Seacoast Mission headquarters in Bar Harbor. It’s housed in a beautiful, large, red-brick, at-one-time-summer-home overlooking the bay. The house was donated to the mission with an endowment for maintaining the building so that mission dollars can be used for mission. Visit their Website to learn more.

Founded in 1905, Maine Seacoast Mission is an ecumenical mission organization related to the United Church of Christ. The Maine Sea Coast Mission provides spiritual, health, and youth development programs in coastal and island communities from mid-coast to Downeast Maine.

Our oldest daughter participates in the EdGE program, which is an after school program run by the Cherryfield branch of the mission. It’s awesome. She loves it. The Cherryfield branch has a beautiful facility including wooded land along the Narraguagus River with walking trails named after places in the Lord of the Rings. Our family likes to use it for cross-country skiing.

Here’s a little video of this wooded area, which we call “The Shire.”