Happy holidays! All of them! As a family we extend our blessings and love wherever this letter might find you. As you probably already know, this letter comes to you from Milbridge, Maine, where we have taken up residence for the time being while we continue our job search. We are very grateful to have a roof over our heads–and heat!

Right now the girls are outside playing in the snow drifts in the yard. We got sixteen inches of snow last night.

It started coming down while we were participating in the Milbridge Congregational Christmas pageant. Transportation was not a problem, however, since our house is right next to the church. Olivia and Nicole were angels (yes, Nicole!). I accompanied the songs on the guitar. Fiona was the narrator. And our bunnies were among the live stable animals–including goats and a dog! In addition to the traditional Christmas pageant elements, the Milbridge program included a local folk music group that led us in a traditional Hannukah song and a contra-dance. Fun!

Other Milbridge traditions include the “wreath parade” in which 10 semi-trucks filled with balsam wreaths donated by the Worcester Wreath Company are shipped to Arlington National Cemetery to be placed on headstones there. And Santa rides an antique fire truck around town delivering –to your door!–candy and popcorn to the kids.

And all this in a tiny coastal town mostly overlooked by the wider world.

We’re getting involved here locally–including substitute teaching (yes, we can do that) and helping out local churches in whatever we we can.

Our national job search continues. We’re feeling called to a (relatively) healthy, stable setting where our gifts and skills can be beneficial and where we can build strong relationships in the community. Finding the right call is a challenge. It takes great patience, faith, and discernment, but we are determined to find that place.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support. We are very grateful. Wherever the Spirit leads us, we do our best to use the wisdom we’ve gained from you, the experiences we’ve shared with you, and the love God has showered on us all in ways that build up healthy, helpful community. Blessing to you all.