The Grant Yonkman Adventure Team is a family of four “Grant Yonkmans”:

    Todd Grant Yonkman,
    Nicole Grant Yonkman,
    and our two daughters.

We are currently living in a quiet subdivision in a growing suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana. My wife, Nicole, and I just celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary. We are church planters and ordained ministers in the United Church of Christ.

We are simply a family trying to live with integrity, compassion, and joy in the 21st century. Our hope is that in sharing our story, we might offer encouragement to others who are trying to make a positive difference in our world.

“Adventure Team” is a name that my younger brother, Chad, and I took for ourselves when we were young. Chad and I did all sorts of adventurous things together. Most of them involved backpacking: watching the northern lights on the beach at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, watching a bear devour all of our food in the Porcupine Mountains, etc.

Nicole has her own adventure stories: hiking with her brother up Mount Katahdin with a six pack of Coke and a package of Oreos, moving by herself to Chicago for graduate school.

When Nicole and I met–at University of Chicago Divinity School–we continued the tradition of adventure: backpacking across Europe for our honeymoon, having kids, following the call of ministry from Chicago, to West Chicago, to Ohio, and to Indiana.

As God’s call continues to challenge us to learn and grow and adapt to new situations, we have found that two things remain the same: life remains an adventure, and we enjoy working as a team.